Diasec ®

Diasec ®

The archival properties of the Diasec® process have made it the benchmark when displaying photographs in galleries and museums across Europe. We are proud to be the sole agent of Diasec® in Africa, making South Africa one of only eight countries licensed to perform this exclusive, face-mounting procedure.

Diasec® is a patented method of face-mounting the image side of a print to transparent acrylic glass, while the back of the print is mounted onto Dibond®. Sandwiched between the acrylic glass and Dibond®, the print is perfectly flat with a high-gloss finish.

Traditional framing isn’t necessary, as a hanging mechanism is attached directly to the Dibond® backing, which floats the artwork 25 mm from the wall. If you prefer a more contemporary look, the Diasec® mounted artwork can be fitted into a frame.

Archival properties:
Diasec® is archival.


Face-mounting process on acrylic glass:

  • Unique light refraction properties emphasize colour contrast and detail
  • High-gloss finish
  • Adhesive substance used contains a UV filter
  • Adhesive is acid-free
  • 30-year-guaranteed lifespan


  • Archival
  • Lightweight
  • Exhibition quality
  • 100% flat: resistant to bowing
Diasec® is available in many sizes.

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Q&A with Monique Loeblich
- Framing Consultant

Monique's years of framing experience have made her the ultimate go-to person, no matter how big or how small your framing needs.

Can I go somewhere else for the Diasec® process?

No, as we are the sole agent for Diasec® in South Africa.

What’s the difference between Diasec® and Dibond®?

  • Diasec® is a process whereby an image is pasted onto transparent acrylic glass using a special solution, which is then bonded onto an aluminium plate permanently sealing the image.
  • Dibond® is a process whereby an image is pasted onto an aluminium plate without acrylic glass.
How do I send my images for Diasec®?

You can bring them in-store on a USB, or you can send them to us digitally. Depending on the size of your image, you can send at its original size via email or using an online file transfer website like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Hightail (formally YouSendIt) or FileGooi.

What is the best photographic paper to use for Diasec®?

Without a doubt: Fuji Crystal Archive Matte or Metallic paper.

How do I hang my image mounted on Dibond®?

We attach a hanging mechanism, so your artwork is ready to hang!

How long does the Diasec®process take?

10 working days.

Do you deliver Diasec® mounted images?

Yes we do, your finished product can be delivered anywhere in South Africa, at an additional cost.

How do I clean my artwork?

Front: Acrylic Glass

  • Use a soft cloth that won’t scratch the acrylic.
  • The soft cloth must not contain any chemical cleaning agents or fibres.
  • Sprinkle with Isopropyl Alcohol or a similar product.
  • Gently wipe the surface until the Isopropyl Alcohol has dissolved the marks.
  • Do not press too hard on the surface.

Back: Dibond®

Even when Dibond® is handled with care, dirt and impurities like fingerprints can occur.

  • Dibond® surfaces should be cleaned manually from top to bottom.
  • Dry clean with Vilene or fleece cloth (for mirrored surfaces) – do not add a liquid cleaning agent.
  • If dry cleaning is not sufficient, warm water can be used for pre-cleaning, then dry with a fleece cloth.

Do not use:

  • abrasive pads
  • powerful alkaline clean agents (i.e. potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or caustic soda)
  • powerful acidic products
  • heavy abrasive scouring agents


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